Good morning, everyone, and welcome. I'll be leading your group through Riddling Park, the brainchild of the reclusive, eccentric heiress Mrs. Vonda Riddling. Before we head in, I can answer any questions you might have. Yes, sir, in the loud Hawaiian shirt...
Yes, I was wondering: Will we need any special equipment to fully enjoy the park? I don't like being bogged down with lots of extra stuff.
Hints to solving the puzzle in each attraction (level) can be anywhere on the page, in the picture, or in the source (right-click, choose View Source or View Page Source; or select View Source from the browser's top menu). The puzzles do not involve any audio.

You will need a program that can work with images;
since built-in image editing programs can be very limited, you might want to have another editor to supplement. If you don't want to download, however, try the Web-based Picnik. (Photoshop is fine, too, but it is not required.)

The park puts a lot of emphasis on researching facts and trivia, so you will need to use a search engine and other online resources. You will need a printer on occasion to make some special souvenirs. Taking notes will be extremely helpful, too. All right, next...yes, ma'am...oh, that's an interesting hat you're wearing.
Thank you. This is my favorite hat, and I don't go anywhere without it. I have to say, the layout of this theme park looks very familiar. Do we have to know anything about real-world theme parks or amusement parks to solve the puzzles here?
No, ma'am, no need to worry. This is a theme park of riddles, not a riddle of theme parks. Mrs. Riddling is a great admirer of amusement and theme parks, especially the one that opened in 1955 in Southern California. Her park is a tribute, but only in its layout. That said, the puzzles and riddles within can touch on most any topic--anything is fair game. Yes, sir, the older gentleman to the left?
I want to enjoy all of the attractions at a more leisurely pace. This tour won't be a race or competition, will it?
The park is for everyone's enjoyment, and is not a contest. Please feel free to take as long as you wish. Hello, little girl. I like your barrettes. How can I help you?
Thank you. I like pink. Do you like pink? I wanna know if the attractions are scary. Because I don't like scary things. Is it gonna be okay?
Mrs. Riddling wants everyone to have fun, not to be creeped out. The puzzles and riddles are designed for grown-ups to solve, but families are certainly welcome to work on them together. Good must be her parents...
It's so exciting to be here.
Will we meet Mrs. Riddling herself during our tour?
Unfortunately, no. She is, after all, reclusive and eccentric. But if you would like to know more about her and about the making of the park, we have just the information you need, right here in this brochure. We have time for one more question. Yes, sir, you in the "Ask Me About ASCII" hat?
Are the park's puzzles going to be too easy? Because I love riddles and stuff. I do them all the time. I love codes and hidden messages and anagrams and turning pictures upside-down. I even have every single page of Wikipedia bookmarked for quick access! Can people collaborate on the hard stuff?
Well, since you're a riddle veteran, you'll probably find it a little easy. But the difficulty will vary, sometimes unpredictably. In the end, Mrs. Riddling likes fun, not frustration. And she doesn't want the park to be an exercise in reading the creator's mind. Feel free to discuss the attractions on riddle boards...but please do not post any answers, and please use spoiler tags if they are available. Riddling Park's PR representative has opened a thread for the park on, plus a second thread at GamersHood, if you want to discuss it or give feedback.

All right, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: It's time to enter the park. We're at the turnstiles. 

Tickets, please.

Come on in!