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A theme park dedicated to the enjoyment of brainteasers

This is a change-the-URL online riddle game. For each attraction in the park (each level), you must derive an answer, which you type into the address bar of your Web browser, just before the .html. The address will look like this (typically the folder is already set for you):


Your answer can be a word, a letter or letters, a number (sometimes spelled out; you will be told when), a group of words and/or numbers, a phrase, or a name. Use only the lowercase letters a-z and the digits 0-9, with no spaces, diacritical/accent marks, punctuation, or symbols. If the answer is a person's name, usually you need type only the surname/family name (you will be told if additional information is necessary). If the person goes by a single name or special name, that is what you should enter (for example, cher.html or johnpaulii.html).

If you wish, prior to entering, you can go behind the scenes to learn a little more about the park and its founder.

Ah, here comes your tour guide, Catie. She'll be leading your tour group through the park. When you're ready, click her picture, and she'll answer some of the group's questions before you embark. Have fun!